Economic Impacts of Marijuana Decriminalization in Kentucky

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Charles B. Fields, Ph.D., Professor of Justice Studies at Eastern Kentucky University conducted a study over the course of a year (2012-13).  The primary focus of this study surrounds the economic effects of decriminalizing Marijuana in the state of Kentucky. This study includes a brief history of decriminalization in other states, public…

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Meet The KY4MM Team

Founder – Jaime Montalvo, Co-Founder – Tony Ashley Veterans/Legislative Affairs – Dan Seum, Jr. Coordinators – Eric and Michelle Crawford

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Related To The Dietary And Medicinal Study And Use Of Cannabis   US Patent 6,630,507             “Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants” Assigned to the United States of America, it provides guidelines for relevant medical conditions and dosage schedules for CBD. Review LOG notes on the use of…

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